This new DAAD programme offers the unique opportunity for Kenyan universities to explore their entrepreneurial and innovation potential.

The EpU Programme will fund a partnership between a German and several Kenyan universities. In the period of approximately four years, the self-assessment, the development of Institutional Action Plans and their implementation (with matching capacity building measures) will be conducted within this partnership. Kenyan universities that wish to participate need to demonstrate their commitment to strengthening the labour market orientation of their institutions and to improving their networks with non-university partners especially from the business community.

Participating universities will develop a clear understanding of their current and future potential as an entrepreneurial and innovative institution. The strategic alignment with the labour market will improve. Staff capacity building will contribute to enhance management structures and structural changes to the benefit of students and graduates, who will receive practice-oriented education and continued education oriented towards the labour market. All this will take place through partnership with a German university and international expertise, thus strengthening the international cooperation opportunities of the participating Kenyan universities.

Universities interested in participation should approach their partner institutions in Germany to discuss applying for the programme. On 9-10 February 2018, an information workshop will take place in Nairobi. Interested German universities will attend this workshop, so that a matchmaking between potential partners can be facilitated. Based on the results of this workshop, German universities are invited to submit an application by 9 March 2018 together with their Kenyan partners. An independent selection committee will decide which partnership shall receive funding.

DAAD – Regional Office for Africa Nairobi
Margaret Kirai