Funding of research groups within the framework of the implementation of the Paris Climate Agreement (MOPGA-GRI)

In Step1 of the call, individual applicants submit a statement of interest using an online application form.
Application deadline for Step 1: Mid October 2017

In Step 2 of the call and following a review process a limited number of applicants from Step 1 will be asked to prepare a full application together with a German host institution of their choice (university or non-university research institution).
Application deadline for Step 2: Mid February 2018

Goals of the programme
Germany and France are inviting researchers from all over the world to cooperate with German and French partners to advance sustainability research in the following fields:
1. Research on climate change
2. Research for the energy transition
3. Research to understand the Earth system.

Funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) MOPGA-GRI stands for „Make Our Planet Great Again – German Research Initiative“.

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