In early December 2019, Karatina University in Kenya hosted the second phase of the academic workshop “Ethics in Social Science Research East Africa Multipliers Lounge”.

The workshop gathered 27 participants for the first phase in September and 19 participants from Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya for the second part of the workshop at the “green university” in Nyeri County. The workshops were organised by the DAAD alumna Dr. Kellen Kiambati. Dr. Kiambati had participated in a DAAD-sponsored writing workshop in Uganda earlier the same year and came up with her own idea for an alumni event. The “multipliers lounge” had the objective to discuss concerns in ethics in the social sciences research conducted in East Africa, and to develop a standardised approach to ethical research practice. Besides that, it intends to enhance the institutionalisation of research ethics culture in East Africa’s universities. The participants were given the opportunity to establish partnerships at national and regional levels for advancing research ethics in social science research and facilitate the creation of research ethics communities of practice in East African Universities.

The director of the DAAD Regional Office Nairobi Beate Schindler-Kovats used the opportunity to visit to Karatina University at the occasion of the second workshop. She also had the chance to meet the deans and directors of the different faculties and departments of the university in a roundtable (see picture above).