The DAAD has commissioned a study on “Internationalisation in Higher Education for Society” (IHES), a field that so far has been rarely the focus of research.

The study provides a number of initial solutions and gathers examples of good practice of how internationalisation can be a  contribution towards solving urgent problems in society such as the integration of refugees, radicalisation, populism or safeguarding democracy.

In the abstract, the authors explain that “while community outreach, social responsibility, social engagement and concepts such as service learning have been present in higher education for decades and in all regions of the globe, the main focus of internationalisation activities has been largely concentrated on the HE community. The social responsibility component of internationalisation has, to date, rarely been the focus of systemic thinking, conceptualisation or strategy in the broad agenda of internationalisation in higher education”.

The recent study addresses this imbalance, provides a definition of IHES and describes in detail 26 IHES projects as examples of good practice.

You can read more about the study in the press release and also download the pdf-file.