Flags with DAAD logo in front of the outer facade of the headquarters in Bonn.

Below are PDFs available for download with information for current In-Country/In-Region Scholarship holders in light of the global Corona Virus pandemic. There is information for scholarship holders currently at their host institution in Sub-Saharan Africa, information for scholarships holders who are currently in Germany on a short-term research visit, and information for scholarships who have been approved and are planning to do research in Germany later this year. Please do read the documents carefully, should it apply to you.

Download: In-Country/In-Region Scholarship Information Corona Virus (pdf, 563.24 KB)

Download: In-Country/In-Region Scholarship Holders in Germany Corona Virus Information (pdf, 476.36 KB)

Download: In-Country/In-Region Scholarship Holders Not Yet in Germany Information Corona (pdf, 415.16 KB)