Celebrating the German language: Students and lecturers in excellent mood at Pwani University










Every five years, the German Foreign office in collaboration with DAAD, Deutsche Welle, the Goethe-Institut and ZfA collects data on how many people around the world are learning German as a foreign language.

The most recent numbers were published in a report presented last week: The data show that more than 15.4 million students at schools, universities and language institutes around the world learn German as a Foreign Language. With 11.2 million people, most learners are in Europe. In Africa, however, the numbers almost doubled: Many want to study or work in Germany.

In Kenya, the number of people learning German has more than doubled since the last survey, from fewer than 6,000 five years ago to 13,045 (+117%). People mainly learn German in school, where their number increased from 2,536 to 10,000.

Further details on this study you can find here.