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In Uganda, the DAAD offers scholarship programmes that are primarily aimed at supporting the training of future university lecturers and of academically trained specialists and managers. For managers at institutions of higher education, DAAD offers training courses through the DIES Programme.

Within the In-Country/ In-Region scholarship programme, DAAD supports Master and PhD students at Makerere and Mbarara Universities:

Makerere University

  • Information Systems – Master and PhD
  • Integrated Watershed Management – Master
  • Technology Innovation and Industrial Development – Master and PhD
  • Public Health – Master and PhD
  • Veterinary Preventive Medicine – Master and PhD
  • Law – Master and PhD
  • Livestock Development and Planning – Master and PhD
  • Zoology – Master and PhD

Mbarara University

  • Information/ Computer Science – Master and PhD
  • Health/ Medicine – Master and PhD
  • Business Administration; Mathematics – Master and PhD
  • Biology/ Physics – Master and PhD
  • Development Studies/Governance/ Conflict Studies/ Education – Master and PhD

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The DAAD also supports the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) with scholarships at various partner universities.

DAAD Lektor

The DAAD long-term lecturer at Makerere University can also be contacted directly with any questions about DAAD funding options.

Steven Heimlich

Postal Address:
c/o German Embassy,
P.O. Box 7016,

Office Address:
Makerere University,
Lincoln Flats, Office B 7
Consultation: Tuesday 12:30 - 2:30 pm
Mobile: +256(0)772409178
Skype: Steven Heimlich

DAAD Alumni in Uganda

There are about 1,400 DAAD Alumni in Uganda who were funded either in Germany or the Africa region and who today successfully serve in the academic, business and political spheres. Many of them are ideal contacts for anyone interested in pursuing higher education studies or research in Germany. The Alumni have joined together to form the “Association of Ugandan-German Alumni” (AUGA).


The Association of Ugandan-German Alumni (AUGA)
Dr. Gerald Ahabwe (chairman)
Makerere University
Department of Philosophy and Development Studies
P. O. Box 7062
Tel. +256-753341000/ +256-776 341000