The DAAD lecturer program

The DAAD places around 500 lecturers primarily in German studies / German as a foreign language at universities in over 110 countries. There are currently 24 lectureships in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Lectureship is only set up at the request of a foreign university and in consultation with the Federal Foreign Office. The foreign university provides a corresponding position and remuneration for a lecturer and, in coordination with the DAAD, formulates the lecturer’s tasks and required qualifications. The DAAD looks for suitable candidates and proposes them to the university. In addition to the role of mediator, the DAAD also takes on promoting and supporting functions.

Lectureship is limited to up to five years. The lecturer is fully integrated into the teaching staff of the host university and receives a regular local salary. As a result of the appointment, the lecturer enters into an employment relationship with the host university with the same rights and obligations as local members of the university.

The DAAD supports the contractually bound lecturers employed by the university by preparing them for their tasks, supporting them in their work and granting them additional financial support in addition to their local salary.

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The DAAD language assistant program

The DAAD supports more than 150 language assistants in 80 countries worldwide.

The DAAD language assistant program is a scholarship program aimed at young university graduates who not only want to gain practical teaching experience in teaching the German language abroad, but also seek to live in another country and experience intercultural exchange.

Language assistants are awarded a DAAD Scholarship, funding them for up to 10 months to teach German as a foreign language or German studies at a university abroad.

The locations must be covered by a DAAD lecturer, as language assistants are supervised and mentored by DAAD lecturers.


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Rebekka Junker

Makerere University
Department of European and Oriental Studies



Position currently vacant


Position currently vacant