DAAD is represented around the world through its lecturer’s programme, regional offices and information centers: In Kenya, other than the Regional Office for Africa, there is a lecturer for German each at the University of Nairobi and Kenyatta University in the capital Nairobi. In Uganda, DAAD is represented by a lecturer for German at Makerere University in Kampala.

DAAD finances the lecturers in the fields of teaching German as a foreign language, training professors, German affairs, linguistics and the science of translation.

DAAD has posted a long-term lecturer for Political Science at the University of Rwanda.

In addition to language teaching at universities, the lecturers also provide valuable information on study opportunities, scholarships and scientific exchange in general. Therefore, DAAD lecturers are often the first point of contact for students and academics interested in a stay at a higher education institution in Germany, and are thus a valuable link between African and German universities.


Kenyatta University
Jenny Stark, MA
Department of Literature, Linguistics and Foreign Languages
Email: daad.ku.kenyagmail.com

Only available online at the moment



Dr. Rainer Schmidt
University of Rwanda
College of Arts and Social Sciences
Huye Campus
Email: daad.rwandagmail.com
Tel. +250-781-447 055


Position Vacant at the Moment

Addis Abba University