The course I want to study is not on your list. What do I do?

Refer to our database on other scholarship programmes available in Sub-Saharan Africa here

The overview of the supported programmes and institutions within Eastern Africa  for the period 2019-2021 can be found on this website.

I am already studying or got accepted into a master´s or PhD programme in an institution/programme that is not in the list of institutions DAAD is partnering with, can I apply for funding?

No, you can only apply to the programmes in the preselected host institutions. Please check the DAAD in-country/in-region website for the list of host institutions.

However, if you are a continuing student registered in any of the programmes in the preselected institutions for the intake period, you can apply.

What language skills are required?

English is the language of instruction for the scholarship programmes within Eastern Africa. Please check with the host institutions on their language requirements.

What documents do I need to apply for the scholarship?

Refer to the call for scholarship application on the application requirements for the scholarship. In addition, check with the specific host institution/university on the application modalities and additional admission requirements.

I am not able to get a confirmation letter for PHD supervision and an admission letter from the university/institution that I am interested in. What do I do?

Some universities/institutions may provide you with a pre-admission letter and/or a letter that confirms that supervisors will be assigned to you at a later stage. Other universities may have a different approach and provide you admission letter once you meet their admission requirements or pay application/registration fee.

Reach out to the contact person at the university/institution you are interested in for more information on the application requirements and procedures.

My country offers only three-year bachelor programmes, can I apply?

Check with the university/institution you are interested in and whether your university degree certificates are recognized in the host country.

I do not have my final certificate from the university at the time I am applying for the scholarship on the DAAD portal.

For the Master’s Programme, you need your bachelor’s certificate of the selection. Nevertheless, you can apply with your current academic transcripts, indicating that you will have completed all academic requirements for your degree before the final selection round. Please indicate this as an additional note in the portal. Also, inform the university you are applying to.

Where do I send my application documents?

The application process contains two steps. Please be aware of the DAAD application deadline as well as host institution’s deadline.

First step:

Applicants must apply for the scholarship via the DAAD portal. Applicants are asked to log into the DAAD portal, register themselves and submit a DAAD application by the DAAD Deadline: 15 December 2021. The link to the DAAD portal is on the call for scholarship applications tender document.

Parallel to this process, applicants must at the same time apply for admission at the preselected host institutions using the contacts and the method that is prescribed by the institution. Please inform yourself about the respective admission processes at the host institution and their deadlines.

Only complete applications made to both the DAAD and to host institutions will be reviewed.

DAAD will conduct a formal examination of the applications received via the DAAD portal according to DAAD criteria. Only the list of applicants who meet the DAAD application requirements will be availed to the host institution for the next step.

Second Step:

The host institution will screen, pre-select and shortlist the applicants who meet DAAD selection criteria and a joint final selection committee will determine the awarding of scholarships in April/May 2022.


Where do I find the DAAD application form?

You will find the application portal on the DAAD Portal.

The DAAD application form is a system generated form institution which can be accessed through the specific link to the programme you are interested in applying to. Please refer to the call for scholarship application 2022.

Can I send my application electronically via Email or hard copy via postal service?

No, Apply only through the DAAD portal for the DAAD scholarship and parallel to this procedure, apply to the host institution for admission at the university/network. Only double applications will be accepted.

Are there any country-specific regulations I should be aware of?

Confirm with your contact person at the university/institution you are interested on the country regulations and visa requirements, recognition of degree certificates and other admission-related queries.

Do I need to be accepted for the masters/PhD programme before I apply for the DAAD scholarship?

No, that is not necessary. You will be applying for the admission into the institution and at the same time for the DAAD scholarship.

What documents do I need to submit?

Applicants must meet the following DAAD criteria:

  • have successfully completed generally a three-year university Bachelor’s degree if applying for Masters programme (with above average results at least: Second Class/Upper Division) or completed a Masters degree if applying for PhD programmes
  • clearly show motivation and strong commitment
  • have thorough knowledge of the language of instruction
  • have generally completed their last university degree not more than 6 years ago at the time of application
  • must be nationals or permanent residents of a Sub-Saharan African country should generally be

a) staff member of a public university,

b) candidate considered for teaching or research staff recruitment

c) from the public sector and/or d) Alumni of the DAFI-programme

IMPORTANT: The University may require additional documents! Confirm with the specific university/institution.

Also, refer to the Call for Scholarship Application 2022 for more information on documents required for successful application.


How can I learn about the status of my application?

You will be informed by the DAAD and your host university/institution about the outcome of your application.

Can I apply for the programme even though I am not from Eastern Africa?

Yes, as long as you are a citizen or permanent resident of a Sub-Saharan African country. Check with the host institutions on recognition of your university degree in the host country you are applying to.

What does the DAAD Scholarship entail?

Check the specific Call for Scholarship Application 2022 for the scholarship value. Generally, DAAD covers the following:

  • tuition fees
  • study and research allowance
  • monthly scholarship rate
  • printing allowance for the final thesis (check the specific call for specifics)
  • travel allowance (in-region only)
  • health insurance (in-region only)
  • and the possibility of a study visit of up to 6 months to Germany within the period of the scholarship.

Further funding options may be available, depending on the location. Scholarship holders will find the additional funding options that are available for them in the brochure “Your DAAD Scholarship” which is sent to the scholarship holder upon admission to the programme.



Is there an age limit?

No, but the previous academic degree should not be older than 6 years at the time of application

Do I have to pay additional fees at the university/institution if I receive a scholarship?

DAAD covers the university tuition fees as indicated in the application form and the official fee structure.

However, it is possible that some fees that are included in the official fee structure might not be eligible for funding within the DAAD scholarship programme, either because part of the DAAD stipends and allowances are expected to cover these expenses, or because other restrictions prevent DAAD from financing the items within a particular programme/course (e.g.: Registration/enrolment Fee, Laundry Fee, Caution Money or Activity Fee). Therefore, DAAD reserves the right to exclude these items from the payments.

Please contact the university/institution for more clarification.

What institutions are currently funded for intake 2022?

A list of the host institutions who are currently participating in the programme in the East Africa Region can be found here


I am interested in studying in Sub-Saharan Africa. What other programmes are available?

You can find all details regarding the programmes available in Sub-Saharan Africa Region and the respective selection process in the respective calls at the DAAD scholarship database:

Please note: There are different selection processes depending on the study location and region you are applying to.

Eastern African Region: Ethiopia, Kenya, Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda:

All applicants are asked to log in the DAAD portal, register themselves and submit the applications. Afterwards the selection process (including the pre-selection process at the host institution) starts.

West and Central Africa Region: Ghana, Nigeria, Benin, Burkina Faso and Malawi:

Applicants must first apply for their studies at the respective host institutions using the contacts and the method that is prescribed by the institution. The host institutions will screen, pre-select (according to DAAD selection criteria) and short-list the applicants. DAAD reserves the right of final selection. The host institutions will provide the shortlisted candidates with the link to the DAAD-Portal.

Only the pre-selected candidates are asked to log into the DAAD portal, register themselves and submit an DAAD application.

Where can I get more information about the application procedures?

We will hold web seminars on the application process at least once a week. Register online on our website for our web seminars for more information.