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Due to Corona:

  • Language tests can be submitted after the deadline or in case you have proof of finishing an English operated degree programme it is valid too.
  • As stated in our FAQs be aware that recommendation letter is only optional and not compulsory.
  • In the light of current Covid-19 situation we will refrain from having face-to-face interviews and offer digital alternatives. Will keep you posted on the procedure soon.


  • Passports: you do not need a valid passport at that stage of application but a valid proof of ID!
  • You can apply also in case you already hold a Master’s degree (we need a sufficient explanation why another master and therefore this scholarship would benefit your academic career!).

Basic Application Conditions

  • No, if you meet all the formal requirements you can apply. But please note that your last academic degree must not be older than six (6) years at time of application.

     No, unfortunately you cannot apply for this very programme.

Courses of Study – Degrees Offered

  • In general, this scholarship scheme is open to all fields of study and to all courses currently offered at German universities with the exception of medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, law, fine arts, music and architecture. Please note: For the decision about your scholarship application, it is irrelevant which course of study you would like to follow in Germany. Language or cultural studies carry the same value to us as engineering or natural science courses.

  • No, unfortunately, fine arts and music are excluded due to the very restrictive admission policy.

  • Unfortunately, the DAAD cannot offer a scholarship for the study of medicine (including dentistry and veterinary medicine). We do regret this very much, but due to the special admission procedure and the length of study and to certain legal aspects involved (in case of specialized training), the field of medicine is excluded. Please do not ask us for exceptions, it will be useless. (You may apply for Master’s courses in the field of public health or public health management.)

  • In order to enter the Master’s Programme you need your Bachelor’s certificate at the time of university registration in Germany. Nevertheless, you can apply with your current academic transcripts, indicating that you will have completed all academic requirements for your degree before the final selection round.

Language Requirements

  • Please submit any official document that can prove your sufficient knowledge of the English language. It does not necessarily have to be a TOEFL or IELTS score, if there is currently no chance for you to take the test. Please note that all interviews at time of selection will be in English (or in German).

  • If you are not comfortable communicating in English or your TOEFL/IELTS scores are below 500/5.0, then chances for obtaining the scholarship are very low. We recommend you to work on your English skills and apply for a DAAD scholarship next year.

  • No, you do not need to know German in order to apply. You can apply if you consider a degree course in English language. A basic knowledge of German is helpful but not necessary. The scholarship programme itself will offer German Language courses before your first semester at the German university begins. If you chose a study programme in English, you only need to prove your knowledge of the English language.

  • If the study course you choose is in German and you can hand in proof of sufficient knowledge of the German language (e.g. DSH, TestDaF or any certificate from the Goethe-Institute), you may apply even with a low proficiency in English. Please be aware that the mandatory side study programme will be in English.

Application Requirements

  • Please explain in your statement how you – with your academic knowledge and skills – can contribute. Very important: We are not interested in a political statement.

  • Please get in touch with our Regional head office in Nairobi.  and make an appointment for counselling.

  • No, you do not have to apply beforehand. Just include a printout with some basic information on your selected course with your application

  • Yes. We do only accept application enter through our application portal (Link). Please refrain from sending us any documents or entire applications via post, e-mail or dropped at the office in Nairobi.

    • For any problems with the online application process at DAAD portal, please contact portal@daad.de. If your problem cannot be solved, please turn to DAAD’s regional office in Nairobi lfa.nairobi@daad.de.

  • You must present your last university diploma. If you cannot present any of these certificates, we can unfortunately not process your application.

  • No. You should only send copies and if necessary certified translations of the original documents. You will have to present the original copies during the personal interview.

Scholarship Selections

  • During pre-selections, DAAD will check your application to make sure all required documents are there. We will also check if any documents submitted are forgeries – which will exclude you automatically from this scholarship. Only candidates with complete applications will be admitted to the final selections.

  • Yes, all pre-selected candidates will have to be present for a personal interview. Most likely, interviews will take place in Nairobi, Kampala, Addis Abbaba, Khartoum, refugee camps. Interviews at additional locations may be possible, but cannot be guaranteed. Please note that travel to interview locations is at your own cost and risk.

  • You will be given a time slot when you have to show up at one of our offices. Please be on time, otherwise you may be excluded. First, you will to have to present originals of your application documents to members of our staff who will once again check for authenticity. Secondly, a committee of German professors, asking you questions about your CV, your previous academic work and your study plan for Germany, will interview you. Some questions will be academic questions, making sure that you have the necessary qualifications for studying in Germany. Other questions are related to motivation, intercultural qualifications and to your plans for the future. Please note: All interviews will be conducted in English or German!

  • DAAD aims to have a high number of female applicants and of female scholarship holders, if possible as high as 50%. Female students are therefore especially encouraged to apply.

  • Academic achievements and academic potential assessed by our selection committee are the most important selection criteria. Additionally, language skills in English or German, intercultural qualifications and motivation will be taken into consideration.